Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3D Art: beauty shots ... ars gratia artis

Just beauty shots today, folks ... but I am putting up three of them! ... because I'm in a hulluva rush, work to do, New Year stuff to do, domestic stuff to do.

The top image here, I call it "Ripples in the Mirror" ... 3D Fantasy, and here's the fantasy: is it a mirror? Stick your finger in it, and it ripples, and you could ... and I say could! ... step through!

The middle shot is actually the same character, and the same mirror prop in the background. All I did was change the pose, zoom right in, and put a different expression on his face. When I rendered it, I though, my gods! He's the first cousin (on his mama's side) to the Angel from the Madonna of the Rocks! You know the painting? Here's the Angel:

And the bottom render is something new ... I never worked with proper sets before, but I just got something called "Space Blocks," which was on sale for about $14, and therefore within my price bracket! There's so much to learn when you start working with sets. The results you can get are amazing, but I'll tell you this much: it ain't easy! When I get this figured out, I'll be able to write about it, but right now it would be like the half-blind wearing coke-bottle glasses, leading the blind!

The penny is slowly dropping about how to navigate around a closed set. Here's where it's very different from anything I ever did before: these sets have two walls, floor and ceiling. You have to fly the camera inside them! You switch over to the camera's eye view, which isn't hard as soon as you realize what you're doing.

What's hard is setting up the lights to render the set properly:

I'm pretty good at this stuff, and figuring out how to get the lights inside a box, and chase after them with the camera ... took me about six goes!

So -- just beauty shots today, folks, before I run back to work.

And here I go...!

Jade, 30 December
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