Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Male Nude again -- pure visual fantasy

Mirror, mirror ... and the magic is in the reflections. Isn't this too cool? I mean, not only is the figure completely beautiful, but the mirror effect is out of this world. (Go ahead and click on it -- I uploaded it at almost full size, 1000 pixels wide, so you can see it properly.)

I love this mirror. The hardest past about this shot was setting up the lights. Usually, you're accustomed to setting the lights to the figure looks great from one angle -- namely, the "camera angle," right? But if you want him to reflect in the mirror from t'other side, you have to light the whole model.

So it took something like seven lights to get this effect -- a distant light and six point lights, at least two of which are behind him, so that his back and bum can be reflected in the mirror.

Yes, he is also wearing what George would call a "butt flap." The way the mirror is situated, it's a very good thing he's wearing said butt flap, or this blog would need an 'adult content" warning slapped on it!

So, to get this shot, here's a cookbook approach:
  • Load Michael 4
  • Load the high-rez skin map
  • Load the hairstyle you fancy
  • Load any jewelry, tattoos etc.
  • Get everything styled the way you want it...
  • SAVE THE FILE!!!! Because DAZ loves to fall over.
  • Pose the figure
  • Load the loin cloth, if you need to think about your rating.
  • Turn OFF the Michael 4 genitalia, because the loincloth don't, uh, cover...
  • Load the Mirror
  • Position the mirror to get decent reflections (you won't see the reflections till you render the image, so this involves a bit of guesswork).
  • Save again ... seriously.
  • Load the backdrop.
  • Set a Distant light;
  • Set your point lights ... move 'em, color 'em ... guess.
  • Render one, and use it as a route map for playing with lights and mirror positions...
  • Render some more, till you like what you see.
  • Done!
It sounds like a lot, but it's a whole lot of fun, as well. You might want to add a border and signature, so ship the image out into Serif X3 for this work.

And yes, of course I rendered an all-nude version of the artwork! And I'll bet you're just dying to see it. Okay .. consider yourselves warned. You're about to see the whole deal, so don't nobody write to me whining about being shocked to death, because you actually have to click on this to get the picture, and you know what you're doing. Okay? So go ahead, click. Nice, huh?

Which answers a question that gets asked a lot: is Michael 4 actually a eunuch? Answer, no, he's not, but the company has to sell the model like that or there's a whole regiment of parents and Auntie Maureens who'd get their panties in a bunch.

Jade, 14 December
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