Friday, December 4, 2009

Virgins beware! Check out this 3D gypsy ... wow

Here's another exercise in mixing, matching and setting up lights. If I had a wall and a tree, I'd have made this into a garden scene. As it is, you have the archetypal gypsy seductionist by lanternlight. Nice. Very.

So, what are you looking at here? It's Michael 4, obviously, wearing a face designed by me. Mario's Hair, by neftis. The Jagger skin texture, with the tattoos overlaid. The phsyique by Shimuzu. Jeans. The vest from the Wood God pack, with the fur trim turned off. Two Yukimi lanterns with the "z-scale" set for one to be this side of him, the other, on the far size, for depth of field. Then I set four lights -- red, blue, yellow, green, which the brightest one being the green one, and that one is set "inside the yukimi.

There's nothing particularly sophisticated or difficult about this render. It took about 15 minutes, including getting the idea! You just have to know what you're doing with lighting to get the right effect, and you have to have a few props. I need to buy a bunch more -- like some trees and shrubs, and a garden wall, with maybe a gate, and a trellis, and some creeping plants... the good news is, the 3D models are all there to be whumped into a shopping cart. The bad news is, I've just rattled off about a hundred bucks' worth!

In fact -- while we're here, how about VIRGIN ALERT TAKE 2:

I couldn't resist! New pose ... resize the yukimi to be the right height to put a foot up on, shift the lights around ... lose the jeans. Hehehehe.

Jade, 5 December
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