Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas came early again: new toys again!

DAZ 3D was having a sale, and I couldn't resist saving about thirty bucks, even if you had to spent thirty bucks to save the same amount. It's a hell of a good deal, and you wind up with some fantastic stuff. I got a couple of spacecraft (!) and a bunch of props. (You should see my Wish List at DAZ...! Then again, maybe not.)

So -- if you ever wondered what Michael 4 looks like, right out of the box, this is more or less the dude:
He arrives with the buzzcut hair and brown eyes, wearing a pair of spandex shorts and with an expression a little more intelligent and tractable than a zombie. What you do next is up to you. I've created more faces than a can remember. Some of my favorites are the Gypsy from yesterday, and the new Jarrat and Stone, and this one, which you'd never believe was the same face as you saw on the God of War.

Michael 4 arrives with a nice skin "map," but you can change this for an infinite variety of others. Albino pale to deep tan, hairy to smooth. Take your pick. You can slap any physique you can imaging onto him, from the most buff to the most emaciated, and anything in between...

Some folks will be wondering if Michael 4 comes fully equipped and functional, with dangly bits. Yes, but you have to install them and configure them separately. I guess this is so that parents can decide how much their kids get to see?? But, uh, yeah, Michael 4's got all the right equipment -- and here's something interesting. When you change from the default skin map to another one, the, uh, equipment changes too.

So, anyway ... there's your Mick, or Mike, fresh out of the box. I added some costume and then got to work with some props. There's a boarding ladder, and a helmet, and -- best of all -- a whole spacecraft. I haven't done much more than unpack this and drool over it, and I'm going to have fun like you can't imaging (maybe you can!) in the next few days.

I can see a whole monster digital novel ... like a massive 3D realistic online web comic ...

This could get exciting. (The image was set up with five or six colored lights, then shipped out into Micrographx to have the lens flare added, then into Serif X3 for the text overlays. The final render of all items together was done at 200dpi, in Serif.)

Jade, 6 December
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