Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Incredible Morphing Men (aka Rubber Dudes, aka Guys of 1000 Faces)

Would you believe it's the same model? The big brother is wearing the GQ Event hair, set to blond, and the skinny younger brother is wearing the Mon Chevalier hair set to the same shade. They're also wearing the same skin map ... but there, the similarities end. I changed their faces just enough to make them visibly different, but alike enough to be cousins. Then I loaded up the Morphs++ -- full body morph. One of the morph matters you can use is "definition" and this is used to put ripped muscles on the model. Another model is "thin" (they even have "emaciated" but that one is just plain weird -- you end up with something looking like a professional catwalk model, and they make you shiver) and you can adjust this till you get what you want.

So there you are ... brothers! They have a Scandinavian look, with that pale complexion and the blond eyebrows. I gave them both bright blue eyes to complete the look. So you really have a family resemblance, because they're both the same model.

There's also an "old" morph that you can use to age the model through about 50 years. In this shot, it looks like their gramps turned up to scold the both of them! The next thing you *could* do is get into the hair and make it thinner with a retreating hairline, and make it white or silver or gray. That's quite easy to do, but ... there is nothing more weird in all the world that loading up the "Aged" morph and dragging it out all the way and seeing your 25 y.o. turn into his own grandad! It's a little bit too creepy for me to spend any more time working on this. If I do an aged character, he'll be designed from the ground up as an aged character, maybe for a story or a book cover. That's be different. This one is just another morph on the older brother (top pic), and it's incredibly creepy top watch it take place!

Jade, 25 November
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