Saturday, November 28, 2009

3D Gay ... or is it Gay 3D ...?

A few weeks ago I was wondering, what constitutes a gay Christmas card anyway -- take the jacket off the guy, display a handsome torso, and it's gay? Leave the jacket on, and it's not? The question went into the "too hard basket" and I amused myself pursuing a 3D storyline that has what you'd have to call homoerotic undercurrents, or subtexts. This, here, above, would be the next episode, and ... the story so far:

Our hero arrives at the the spaceport ... looking for some dude. Has he taken a job? Is he here to retrieve some property, extract gambling debts, assassinate someone?

Later that evening, after making inquiries, he finds himself at a club ... dance a little, schmooze a little, trawl for information. He meets some dude, some lowlife from the wrong side of some planet's tracks, and pays a few hundred credits to get the info...

And the steer he gets sends him to the High Five Hotel, where he talks his way into one of the fancy, top-deck suites. The guy he's looking for knows his name, but won't let him in without searching him...

And you can bet your bottom dollar the search found the ankle gun as well as the one in the holster; and the three knives in the boots; and the darts in the seams of the pants, and so on. Little wonder our hero winds up down to his jocks ... maybe he shouldn't have thought of that, and not turned up like a walking armory!

But at least the guy he came here to see is satisfied that the guns, darts knives and so forth have been confiscated, and now he'll agree to talk. Question is, is is ready to do business?

So they're talking ... and from the looks of this, a deal is taking shape. Is our copper-topped hero getting the big cheese to cooperate? Can they talk their way to a deal and maybe no shots will be fired? And take a look at the hunk in the smart green jacket. Looks like he has something on his mind...!

Which pretty much brings you back to today's render. Looks like something's goin' on here. Not sure what, but somebody just said something that changed the color of the deal. There's a definite homoerotic subtext here. Of course, I have no idea what -- zip, zero, nada. I think I have half a story going, and it's been suggested to me that I need to get into web comics. 3D Gay Web Comics specifically.

Hmmmm ... matter of fact, that interests me strangely. Of course, I'd need a story first...!

Jade, 29 November
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