Friday, October 23, 2009

Home for Christmas

So, what constitutes a gay Christmas card anyway? This is a good question, on my mind right now because I'm actually designing a set of same. So ... is the above card a gay Christmas card? And if not, why not? Contrast this with the next one:

Is it a gay Christmas card because the guy's standing out there in the snow, at night, without a shirt on, much less a sweater? Like, it's gay if he takes his coat off, but hetero if he keeps his coat on? By that token, snow bunnies ... those bikini-clad chicks romping in the snow on skis, when you knooooow they're freezing and the director is standing just out-of-frame with a duvet, and a heat lamp, and a big mug of hot chocolate with a double Black Douglas ... well, those chicks have taken their coats (and most everything else) off, so they're automatically gay gals. Right? Wrong?

Okay, so if they're not gay gals because they've taken off their jackets (and all else), why can't the guy in the top picture be gay, with his jacket on? And why can't the guy in the bottom be a male snow bunny, flashing his pecs and six-pack (and whatever else might have been subjected to the elements on this hypothetical night shoot in the Arctic) for the ladies present?

It's too complicated for me, guys. I just create the images. Speaking of which, thank gods these were done in 3D, and no one asked the delicious coppertop to strip naked for the benefit of a Christmas card shoot! The things we ask models to do --!! Talk about suffering for their art.

Oddly enough, 3D models never complain.

Incidentally, the last time you saw the beautiful bronzed bod above, I'd pasted a beach into the background ... and the Fabian Cancellara lookalike (wasn't intentional, I swear it ... just happened in the facial design) was the cover model for a Jayne deMarco novella. For this "shoot," I turned him around, made him a redhead and put a smile on his face instead of a worried look. Thank you, DAZ!

Jade, 24 October

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