Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Got new toys today!

(Click on the above -- it's 1000 pixels wide, so you can really see it)

Promo for a new movie, is it? Whoa. You have got to like this -- and the price was right! DAZ has a daily "Fast Grab" selection, where you can get humongous savings on a selection of their 3D models ... the trick being, to catch them in time, because they only stay "up" for a matter of hours before they go right back to full price. The model above is -- still! -- the Michael 4. But this morning I lucked out with a new hairstyle for $11 and the whole "outfit" you see above, complete with the gun, for about $13!

Now, what you do with the whole ensemble is up to you...

...and I gotta tell you, I am loving this. The whole ensemble (jacket, pants, boots, gloves, shirt, belt, holster, gun) is mix-and-matchable with anything else that will "fit to" the M4. And as soon as you get into your "surfaces" you can change the color of anything and everything. The shirt, for instance, started life red and matte ... I prefer teal spandex! (Click on the above, it's 1200 pixels high, so you can really see it, too.)

And after that, well, you just ... uh, play. The possibilities are limitless. Nice, innit?! (This one looks like a character from a Mel Keegan novel. The thing is, years ago I did a painting I called The Jungle Book, and it inspired MK to write the novel. So we can only hope here. This character is like a cross between Michael Flatley and the Sundance Kid. Potential?!

Jade 28 October

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