Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween rocks: get thee behind me, pumkin face!

To all those in the northern hemisphere, Happy Halloween .. and a new card -- "Get thee behind me, Pumpkin face." Or, as the file is known, "Nude Hunk menaced by Goblin."

I thought, for this render, why not combine the beauty shot with the Halloween art?! Where is it written that gorgeous bare-butt guys cannot be menaced by Orks and Uruks out of Isengard?

Picture this: Arwen discovers Aragorn snores and gives Legloas a black eye for not telling her before the big event.

Picture this: Aragorn is off on diplomatic missions so often, Arwen and Legolas go cruising together in the fleshpots of ... wherever they have fleshpots in Middle Earth. They never showed us any in the movies, but you knooooow they have them. Somewhere.

Anyway ... once again, both the figures in the above started life as clones -- DAZ's Michael 4. One was given the high-rez skin map; the other got the smooth "undead" skin map. I gave the goblin long pointed ears, an emaciated bod, wrinkled hands, and the human luxurious blond locks. Then the fun began.

Getting the lights just right is one of the big pleasures of DAZ 3D work, because every time you change the position or color of a light, or add one, or remove one, you get a different picture. The hardest part of it can be deciding when it's "just right," and therefore finished. You can also continue to fiddle with every aspect of the characters, from the position of their fingers on up.

Then, a pumpkin head for a background (just a stock shot; nothing special); render and ship out into Serif to have the overlays added.(Incidentally, it's 1000 pixels wide, and you can click on it for the large size. The font is Trollkings ... no idea where it came from. It's packed along with Serif X3, which you can get for fifty bucks, I think, since X4 came out.)

Jade, 1 November 2009
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