Friday, October 9, 2009

The Dark and the Light of it

The beauty of 3D art is not merely that you can create images like the above in a few minutes, but also ... the subject is dynamic. Working in any other medium, you slave away to get the image juuuuust right; and when it's done, it's ... done. Static. You can't change much, if anything, about it, and if you want to change an angle or a scale, you have to paint a fresh piece. Thank gods for 3D, because when you get your subject designed, you can, uh, play...

Here he is again, with the head re-set, eyes closed, and lit by not only the one spotlight and one white point light which were set up to achieve the top image, but here he is with the white point light shifted to green, and... orange point light added of to the other side. Playing with lights, the possibilities are endless. I still need to think of a background that would suit this. I think I see this guy as a gypsy, so a camp, maybe firelight, maybe the moon over the trees ...?
Jade, 9 October
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