Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DAZ render settings: an embarrassment of riches!

I couldn't resist rendering this one in CinemaScope. It looks like it needs a couple of planets in the sky ... the young hunk in rural Tattooine pauses in his labors to look up and watch a pod making its descent into the Jawa- and Sandperson-infested dunes. Click on it, see the whole thing at full size -- I set it to render at 1200 wide, and compressed the image a bit to make it suitable for upload. The bigger the image is, the better it looks ... frames from a movie that was never made.

Anyway, this was the third render of the same subject, and it was an exercise in variety ... here's the medium shot:
And I rendered a closeup, too:

The model ... Michael 4, as usual, wearing a face designed my me, and the GQ Event hair in dark brown. The one and only drawback to Michael 4 is that the "base" is still so new, there's not an ocean of add-ons and accessories for him. Give 'em time: I imagine a hundred designers are right now working on clothing and props. I wish someone would do a nice shirt series -- business shirt, Hawaiian shirt, that kind of range. I have a teeshirt, a tank, an overshirt and a leather jacket, plus a pair of jeans, shorts, speedoes. What I'd really like to see on this model is leisure wear.

And like I said, give 'em a chance. It takes a fair amount of time to design 3D models. I guess I'm just impatient. I understand the models are made in Hexagon, which is something I don't have any experience with ... I will soon, though. A working version of it is packed on the CD-ROM accompanying the DAZ manual, which ought to be in the mail right now...

Don't CinemaScope images just kick you in the imagination? Your brain starts working, trying to fill in the rest of the story! Me like.

Jade, 28 October
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