Sunday, October 18, 2009

Do you hear the Twilight Zone theme...?

Have you noticed ... Halloween is coming soon. All the more reason for making images that might not have a "creep factor" in themselves, but have the potential for it ...

On Halloween, I'll show you the rest of this picture! As it stands, it actually quite a nice piece of art -- once again, a shuffle back and forth between DAZ for the 3D work and Serif for everything else -- framing, feathers, fades, transparencies, color casts. Serif makes it so easy ... you can do this stuff in your sleep.

It's a new "skin" on an old model, incidentally -- it's still the Michael 4, but I lucked out and got a "smoothie" skin for another app entirely, which just happens to fit on the M4 ... you just have to be a bit careful how you configure the details, but ... nice!
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