Monday, October 12, 2009

The Ghosts of Autumn

Just a "beauty shot or two today ... because I feel like it. The one above, I call "The Ghosts of Autumn." It doesn't go with a story, wasn't done for any reason Ars gratia artis. Pardon my Latin. Just art. Do you need a reason for art? The one below: Jim in the City.
Picture this: short summer night, two in the morning, it's hot ... out on a hillside, not necessarily looking for trouble, but Trouble comes lookin' for you. Thar's vampires in tham thar hills. This one's not much more than a photo montage, though effective. I'd like to do more with it -- show you what's on the receiving end of that intent gaze, for instance. Hmmm. He's another "take" on the Michael 4 model from DAZ; the background is a color-skewed cityscape. It's the blue point light on the model that makes it work.

Jade, 13 October
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