Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Saxon Hero

Anybody want to write a novel to go with this piece?! Click on it -- see it at 800 pixels high. Um ... nice. Couldn't resist, folks.

I've been asked what's, uh, hanging around beyond the bottom of the frame ... and I cannot tell a lie. Shall we say, the model is fully functional. It's yet another "take" on the Michael 4 -- in fact it's the exact same design I used for this one ... this is another great example of how malleable the scenes are. After I got the model tweaked and designed, I saved it to disk. A month or so later, I opened the old file ... turned the model around, changed the lighting angle and colors, put a new expression on his face, and suddenly it's a whole new shot.

If you're interested, see this:

This is what they call the "base." The model actually comes in bald, and missing a guy's essential equipment. The more masculine odds and ends have to be downloaded and installed separately (good gods, what a culture we live in; Michelangelo would have curled his lip at us), and then you have to decide what hairstyle you want, and buy that separately, and import it to the "scene," and "install" it to the character. Actually, the "base" models are sometimes free ... they make their money on the hair, clothes and "props." Then, you design the face and body to the last degree of angle on his nose and the roundness of his eyballs. You do this using the Morphs++ pack (also bought separately). Then you can learn how to control the "surfaces" to change the color of everything at whim.

Here's the page for the Michael 4 model, if you want to see more:

All credit to DAZ. It's amazing. You can do virtually anything with these models...

And yes, I do mean anything. Uh huh. Right. It takes a couple of months to learn what you're doing and be able to create really good art, but it's a whole lot of fun.

Jade, 22 October
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