Thursday, October 29, 2009

Change the color of your 3D day...

(click to see at 900 pixels high)

Today I'm still playing with the surfaces toolbox in DAZ ... changing the color of everything. The jacket in the above render is the exact same jacket as you see in yesterday's pics. Black is the default (with charcoal pads on the shoulders), but when you star to lighten out the colors you find that the jacket has loads of detail ... panels and zippers everywhere. For this one, I changed the colors to teal and bronze, and gave the jacket a semi-gloss surface...

I also left off any shirt and footwear. I call this picture "runner," because my imagination sees a scene in which this young beauty had to get out and run so fast, all he had time to grab was the jacket, before someone's agents were right behind him...

The surfaces toolbox is where you can make huge differences to any model at all. You can take the same jacket and go from suede to rubber, black to white, and any color or shade between. Takes a bit of figuring out, but it's a whole lot of fun trying!

As always, this render was done in DAZ and then shipped into Serif to be matted and signed. I like Serif the best for doing any work involving text, but as for matting, feathers, inks and what have you, you can also use Micrographx and get absolutely fantastic results. In particular, Micrographx has a set of "inks" for overlays that absolutely rival Photoshop ... and it's a twenty dollar program. Gotta like that.

Tomorrow is Halloween (at least on this side of the dateline) and I haven't forgotten. I have some nice dark, shiver-inspiring pics for the occasion...!

Before I leave you for today, I just could NOT resist doing the render you see below. You better blame Boris for this one ... it's a "take" on a painting of his from sometime back in the 80s, a piece called "Boots," as I recall. Only it featured a haff-nekkid girl in a leather jacket and boots. The boots are a bit much, imho -- they nudge the painting over some line and turn art into raunch. Now, I know that "gay raunch," or "3D gayrotica" or whatever you want to call it, would whack a large pair of biker boots onto the model, but puleeez! It's a beauty shot ... it's ART ... I swore up and down that I wouldn't be posting 3D raunch (gay or otherwise!) here, and I'm going to hold to that. So I took out the boots -- it's the jacket that inspired this shot -- the same jacket you see in Runner (above) and in the gunfighter images in yesterday's post. So -- blame Boris, and here's Red:

Jade, 30 October
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