Sunday, November 29, 2009

Model, posing

Today I'm in one hell of a hurry ... no time, not likely to have any time later ... so I'll just post a "beauty" shot here, and run out the door! Thank you, DAZ! In fact, this took about 10 minutes ... it's Michael 4, obviously; wearing Mario's Hair set to raven black (surfaces tab), and a stock pose in which all I did was turn the head a bit and close the eyes to make him look less like a zombie. He's wearing the speedoes from the Basic Wear clothing pack, with the color set to something like crimson (surfaces tab!) and where I really spent the time was on the lights.
The background is just a snapshot of a wineglass, with a "whirl" applied, and set to the right size. The lights are what make the picture: I set a distant light and three point lights -- white (and dim) to highlight his face, green before and beneath him, crimson off his left shoulder. Then this was rendered and shipped into Micrographx to have its lens flare effects added -- that's one of the fantastic filters on Microgtaphx Picture Publisher 10.
Then, copy/paste the whole shebang into Serif X3 to have the bounding box and signature added, and ... done! Upload quick, and run out the door. here I go, guys ... back tomorrow!
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