Monday, November 16, 2009


This is actually the first stage in a piece that will take a lot of work. Stage one is to import the model (Michael 4, who else?) and also the fantasy weapon; put the Mon Chevalier hair onto said model ... make it chocolate brown. Import the high-rez skin map onto Michael. Set up the Morphs++ body morphs that let you turn an emaciated little ferret into Conan the Barbarian's bigger, brawnier brother. Then, get the fantasy weapon into your warrior's hands ... also scale it, change the shape of it a little. Oh, and give the warrior blue eyes.

Okay, that's Step One complete! The weapon is in his hands -- which was quite a major job. I learned a lot about moving objects around in space, using the x,y and z coordinate system...

Next stage: set up the lights. And that, guys, is a job for another day! I'll take a crack at it tomorrow, and show you a new render. The step after that will be to get a fantastic pose, and let shadow and the strategic placement of the weapon, uh, complete the, um, costume. This model is "complete." I set it (him?) up with anatomical realism. (You can also turn his dangly bits on and off depending on how you want to set up the shot.) I don't actually have a fantasy costume in the "database" yet, but there are some nice ones in the DAZ library. Ancient Egyptian type thing. I ought to get something like that next. For the moment, I don't believe they had the same hangups, 10,000 B.C., that we have today, so ... here he is: Hero, stage one.

Back tomorrow with more!

Jade, November 17
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