Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hunk out trawling for the right kind of trouble...!

Later that same night ... the hunk who showed up at the spaceport looking for trouble ... found it. Now, what kind of trouble is a different question ...! There's the good kind, right? Wink, nudge.
You might not believe this, but the gunfighter model here is exactly the same DAZ 3D model I designed to portray Greg Farris for the cover of Ice, Wind & Fire ... all I did was give him black hair with red highlights, and dress him in leathers instead of speedoes. The rest of this image is an exercise in "camera position" rather than lighting or anything else. You can do fantastic things by flying the camera around your model ...
One other thing worthy of mention: check out the boots! By playing with the surfaces and textures, you can achieve anything from suede to polished leather. Is this cool, or what?
Jade, 5 November
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