Friday, November 13, 2009

Quest for gold, take two

Another "beauty shot" from the same set as the "Quest for Gold" image ... because I'm flat-out again and desperate for time. I have no chance of making it through my list of jobs for today ... it's 4:05pm already and I have a good three hours worth of work to do before six ...! The numbers don't work out, do they? So --

A beauty shot. It's the same model as you drooled over in the "Blame Boris" render:

The warrior in the Quest for Gold series of images is just blonder. ... white-blond in fact, rather than golden blond (which is easy to do -- you just change the color of the hair to, uh, white, by going into the surfaces tab, selecting the object you want to edit, and choosing the color. You could also make it purple ... in fact, I've done this, and you'd be amazed how well it works. It looks as if someone with very glossy black or mahogany hair is in a mauve or blue light.

So the model loses the jacket and gets the belt back. Lord only knows what storyline would go along with these images, but I can imagine a few! Almost makes me wish I was a writer.

Am trying to knock together a review of the DAZ manual right now -- also a review of the Michael 4 base model. It might take a few days since I'm snowed under with work. Bear with me guys. Thanks! One of the most pressing projects is the ebook version of ICE, WIND AND FIRE, which is launching this weekend:

...I have the upload to manage and the point-of-sale pages to make up, so -- I better get back to work.

Jade, November 14
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