Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dangerous liaisons

And he sez to me, "Keep your hands right where I can see 'em ... lose the gun, drop the jacket. I don't trust you as far as I could throw a wet wookie." And I sez to him, "What the hell is a wookie, and what's so bad about them when they're wet, and why can't you toss them far?"

Seriously ... Continuing on with the theme of the "leather clad hunk" who arrived on the spaceport platform in "episode one," and went looking for trouble in "episode two" ... well, looks like he found it right here in episode three!

Of course, there's many different kinds of trouble. I couldn't resist rendering another kind:

There you are, you see ... until the camera pulled back, you had no idea he'd not only gotten rid of the jacket, but the leather pants and boots as well. And was offered a martini (a gin martini with the hell stirred out of it), and is now reaching out to take the drink before sprawling on the couch in this ten-thousand-credits-a-night hotel suite in the High Five orbiting hotel and giving a sultry look to whoever just handed him the martini...

It's an interesting scenario, and you could go a looooong way with this. [grin]

The background is a real hotel interior, just not the hotel in Abu Dabhi which provided the spaceport exterior the other day. This one is a hotel somewhere in eastern Europe. I think. I can't actually remember! But no, it's not a 3D model, and even if it were, I didn't model it. That will come along later, when I've gotten into Hexagon and learned how to do this stuff. For the moment I'm more than happy learning the ropes about lighting, matching model and background colors so the model and the pasted in image look like they belong together rather than being different entities. Because if you don't match the model to the background, or the background to the model, you don't get a "scene," you get a photo montage.

The color matching is done by either jinking the color of the background in red, green and blue till it "comes good" (and the best prog I know for doing this is the free one, Irfanview!), or else setting up lights on the model and changing the color of them to ... well, change the color of the model.

The model we've been following from the spaceport to the boudoir is DAZ's Michael 4, wearing a face and hairdo designed by me, and the high-rez skin map (which you buy separately).

You know, I might just follow this scenario along and see how much trouble this particular hunk can get his luscious self into. Mind you, if I did, I'd be uploading the images someplace else! I swore up and down I'd keep the contents of this blog "general" enough not to have to slap a warning on it ... and this scenario could get, uh, real steamy, real fast!

Jade, 6 November
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