Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quest for gold: nekkid warrior outshines the treasure

Just a "beauty shot" today, because I'm seriously out of time and don't have the chance to natter as I usually do. Patience people: I'll natter tomorrow. This one was done for a book cover, as you can tell from the dimensions. The figure is Michael 4 (!) wearing the high-res skin map (which you buy separately from the base model ... in fact, the base model is free!) and not much else. The background is a re-saturation of a digital painting I did in Serif some weeks ago. I basically opened the old digital painting in Irfanview and used "swap color" to make a whole new color scheme; then super-saturated the color; then bumped the gamma way down and hiked the contrast way up ... done. This was then saved and imported into DAZ 3D as the backdrop.

I would LOVE to put some jewelry on the model, but right now I don't have the skills to make the bangles and bracelets and stuff in Hexagon (although I have installed it and am looking at the interface and drooooooling), and I don't want to spend much more on my new hobby this side of Christmas.

Don't worry: all these projects are saved as "scenes" and if I do develop the skills to make models such as jewelry, or else I just bite the bullet and buy them, I can always reopen the scenes, add the bangles and such, and generate a whole 'nother painting later.

Gotta run now.

Jade, 13 November (yep, Friday 13th!)
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