Sunday, November 15, 2009

Relic Raider!

Couldn't resist this ... new toys (again). I got the fantasy weapons set, which gives you the big double-headed ax, and a whopping sword, and a lot more. Boy, are we mixing and matching now! There's the gold bangle you saw in the pet dragon render; and the pants and belt from the "Spaceport" series of images. The weapons set only cost $14.95 ... how could you resist?!

The background is a tourist shot (not mine, alas ... I can wish) of the archaeological exhibits at Karnossos, which I darkened and re-toned, and blurred a little, to make it useful as a background for the, uh, hunk with the battleaxe.

Have I mentioned lately how much fun this is? I'm about to do a very, very complex render. I can see it in my mind's eye, but it's going to be a whale of a job because of the lighting it'll need, not to mention posing and body-designing. The above render was done fast, without any extra lighting -- in fact (being chronically short of time today) what I did was, leave the model on his default lighting, and change the tone of the background to match! Then the logos and border were zapped on with Serif X3,

Go ahead, click on it -- I uploaded it at 1000 pixels wide, to let you get a good look. Nice!

Jade, 16 November
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