Friday, November 6, 2009

Encounter at the High Five Hotel

Aha ... at last we get the reverse view and see the guy our hero came up to the spaceport to meet. The story so far:

Leather clad hunk makes dangerous rendezvous at spaceport
Hunk out trawling for the right kind of trouble...!
Dangerous liaisons

And here we are face to face with the guy who just handed over the gin martini with the hell stirred out of it. For the last couple of weeks we've been messing about, trying to get a really good 3D "face" for the character of Neil Travers in Hellgate, because a project close to the hearts of Mel Keegan and self is to bring Hellgate and NARC to life in 3D images, if not animations.

With the character above, were 80% of the way to Neil Travers, so he can join the "rep company of my characters and start doing a little acting...!

I wanted a background with a viewport with a stunning view of an earth-like planet. Well, when you want this kind of specific thing, you're probably on your own, so I knocked up this background image myself, in Serif ... it's not 3D. It's "just" the drawing tools in Serif X3 and a shot of Earth from orbit, from NASA. You'd actually be surprised what you can achieve in terms of drawing -- in a very short time -- with Serif. I only had a window of a few minutes to do this, so it's fairly simple, but even so, it's made of 26 elements (27, if you count in the NASA jpeg), plus object fills, drop shadows, pillow embosses and multiple transparencies. It's still a very simple image, but it's good enough to do for now, and ... I just ran out of time.

Now, if the guy in the green leather saying, "Hand over the gun, and we'll talk." Or is he saying, "Come to me arms, you bundle o' charms, and stick to me heart like chewie" ...? (Does anybody in the world still call chewing gum chewie?? Or are we back to wookies, wet or otherwise, whom we met in Chapter Two...)

Perhaps tomorrow all will be revealed. And if 'all' is revealed, I'd probably better upload it somewhere else and give a link to it, before somebody sends Blogger a message, "There's nekkid uys neckin' over there!" Well ... we'll see.

Jade, 7 November

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