Friday, November 20, 2009


I've done a lot of tough stuff and spectacular stuff lately, and I wanted to do something different ... something gentle and beautiful. If this picture tells a story, it's a love story. You might never believe this, but it's the same face as God of War ... just a different expression and different lighting! (They say the camera never lies ... fact is, it never tells the truth these days!)

The most difficult thing about this picture was the lights ... and that was just a question of setting up two distant lights, one dark bronze, one peach pink, and then rotating the model around till the shadows on the side of the face were just right -- and also the highlight in the eyes.

Just plain beautiful. Tells a love story in one frame, doesn't it? This image is screaming to have a story written for it! Talk about inspiration ... makes me wish I was a writer...

Jade, 21 November
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