Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vampire hunter in the twenty-third century

So, what do you wear to hunt vampires in the twenty-third century? Well, so long as you're an attractive young lass, not much. Or so they tell me...

Cute set of renders, today! Fantasy of a different kind, I guess. We watched Ultra Viole the other day and I've been looking at a lot of comics, starting to think seriously about gearing up to actually doing a graphic novel, and you're looking at the result.

Hortense the Vampire Slayer.

Here's what was involved:

Victoria 4.2
Yaana skinmap
Sabbie FX Eyes (look at those eyes!)
Hermes hair set to black
Chaos Seed costume, with lots of transparency
New textures on the costume
High Fantasy knife
Age of Armor boots, texture set to match costume
Cloisters set
Five assorted colored lights.

And if you're wondering, yes, there's an adults only version of this series of renders. Here's the link ... and don't overlook the NUDITY WARNING before you click!

Jade, 8 August
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