Thursday, August 5, 2010

3D Magicks

Only four images today, because you have no idea how long this project took! I'm usually pretty quick, but there are so many 3D props and lights in this scene, plus the digital painting in the background, which was done both pre- and post-production, in GIMP and with Photoshop brushes.

Here's the plot: a very old and arcane magic book has been discovered, along with a scrying glass and the crystals of power. Someone found the formula to summon a seraph --

Caught one!

And you just wait till he figures out how to get out of there. You know any good prayers? An incantation or two? better start saying 'em, fast!

Here's the detail shot of the creature:
... but this is only part of what's going on in these renders. Here's the list of props involved:

Michael 4 with custom body morph and poses
Marcus skinmap
Elven prince hair, set to black and posed
Seraph wings set to "dark" and posed
Floor from DM Shrine
Street lamp from Port of Tortuga
Table from DM Anardhouse
Crystals from Magic Containers
Sinuous bottle from Magic Containers
Fantasy Book, set to wide open and lose the middle stand-up sheets
Claw lamp from Fanasy visions
Crystal ball (made by me from a primitive)
Six distant lights in various colors, shadows set
Five point lights in various colors, shadows set
Background image of Victorian library, tailored to fit
Photoshop brushes: "Energy Balls" and Ron's Smoke

...and as you can imagine it took a loooong time to get this idea to come together. But it was more than well worth it -- the effect is, um, startling!

The background is worked from a small image of a Victorian library. It was blown up to large size, darkened, flattened (kill the contrast), colors re-saturated. All this was done in Irfanview. Then the image was shipped into Gimp to have the crackly magickal effects painted in, before being shipped in DAZ as a backdrop. After the renders were done, no post-work was actually needed, but I did a little bit on a couple of these ... such as adding a misty halo around the streetlight that's been captured along with the seraph, in the bottle. Cool, no?!

Jade, 6 August
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