Friday, August 13, 2010

Too early to be getting ready for Halloween? Nope!

Busy like you wouldn't believe today, guys ... painting bookcovers which could easily be recognized as having a "Halloween" flavor. At Christmas I was painting Easter stuff, and at Halloween I'll be painting Christmas cards. It's all about the lag time in manufacture and promotions of whatever products and ad campaigns you're working with/for.

So here are some very nice examples of what I'm up to ... different from the usual fare, and being used as a "stop gap" here, because I'm out of time! Nice art, though ... some of these pieces are worked up from items you've seen in some form or other on the blog here, but the leader shots (the generic torso art, which has become a genre all of its own lately) are new...

With a tiny bit of luck I'll be back tomorrow with time for something fresh and new, so -- see you then!

Jade, 14 August
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