Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cyberpunk, cyberhunk ... 3D super commando

Still on the theme of 3D Science Fiction ... this is a new model from DAZ, just appearing this week, and I'm impressed. Take Michael 4 and add the full costume, guns and all ... drop him into the Station 3000 set (which is immense), adopt some stock poses, tweak everything ... set three lights and have a fiddle with the camera. Too easy!

Also, this is a set of bits and pieces that will mix and match nicely with loads of other bits. These days, I rarely use anything just as it arrived "off the peg" or "out of the box." Just about the only time you'll see the model itself is when I;m test-driving it. This one is terrific. It'll also take textures very nicely too. Jade's verdict: 5 out of 5 stars.

No time to write any more, guys. Too busy today ... am packaging a book, and have been looking at various computer screens till my eyes are not working the way they ought to. So -- enjoy the artwork for today. Next post will be a hunk out of uniform!

Jade, 20 July
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