Monday, July 26, 2010

Fantasy male nude, with crystal ball. Nice!

These are the shots you actually wanted to see, right? Before Jade starts dribbling on about the glorious 3D SET which is the backdrop for all this! So ... I persuaded Michael 4 to come to the party and get into costume, grab the old crystal ball and look like he's stepped right out of a fantasy story, because the set actually begs for this.

The cloak is a great prop. About the only thing it doesn't do (rats! I hoped it would) is put the hood right now. Maybe in a future update? But even so, it's a beautiful prop. Here, it's still showing its default texture, and the next time you see it, it'll be wearing one of mine. I some of the shots I turned down the opacity ... made it a diaphanous silk ... just cuz. If that were Michelle 4 in the shots, you wouldn't question that a lovely young female was next to naked, wearing a silk cloak you can see right through. So just take out the FE, and the rest of the statement holds together juuuuuust fine.

Incidentally, there's a set of "full monty" renders, where I ought to give the Nudity Alert before I give you the link. Having given it, uh, here's the link!

And now I can dribble on about the set, right? So here it is:

It's the cenotaph set, called Reparation ... and although I did get the Requiescat textures for it, I didn't get a chance to muck about with them today. Save those for another time. I added a few of the Deluxe Trees (from Renderosity) and a Vue sky, and then flew the camera around. Incidentally, I dropped the focal length on the camera from the 80mm I usually use, down to around 35mm, which is in the wide angle range. This means I could get more of the set into the shot. Looks better that way, esp. when you add a model into the frame.

So there you are -- another of the toys I splurged on in the DAZ super sale t'other day! There's more, still! Come back tomorrow, and see...

Jade, 26 July
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