Tuesday, July 6, 2010

3D landscapes

Just a few words from me today ... and halfway incoherent at this. I got sick. Really good and sick. I mean. "just shoot me" kind of sick. Waaaay to sick to write something brilliant. So, just some nice images today. 3D landscapes.

These were done in DAZ, not Vue ... the result isn't as realistic as a Vue landscape, by long shot, but right now I can't import a model into Vue, so I'm only able to create backdrops in Vue, whereas the landscape you see here is 100% interactive. Michael 4 and pals can go wander around in it.

In fact, if I'm halfway alive tomorrow, I'm going to put characters into this landscape, go for a stroll ... it'll be pretty.

That's a Vue skyscape in the background, though. It's the lush full-summer trees from Merlin's Oriental Garden set, and DM's The Lair, plus some bushes from the PNature set. The important thing is the ground, and this is a great prop which is part of the Dream Castle set. I, uh, got into the Surfaces tab and turned off the castle. In fact, there's supposed to be a fantasy castle in this middle of this. I'll render it later. Today I wanted a landscape, and I couldn't resist this...

Did you ever see Gene Kelly in Brigadoon? And if you didn't, you don't know what you missed! Well, every second of the Scotland sequences was filmed on sound stages -- really! They didn't go on location, they built the highlands on a stage. And it was breathtaking. That's what this reminds me of. And I'm rambling, I know. I'm, um, sick ... need to log off and rest.

Come back tomorrow, and I'll send Michael 4 hiking in this set...

Jade, 6 July
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