Thursday, July 29, 2010

3D Science Fiction sets: taking COMMANDER for a test drive

(Cinemascope renders ... click on them to view them full size: so you can see the details, I uploaded them at 1000+ pixels wide)

This is a set which astonishes me as much as the interior for the Vanguard spacecraft, which you saw a few weeks ago. It was one of the props I bought when DAZ were having a fantastic sale -- 50% off incredible things. In the same splurge I got the Starcarrier hangar interior and other goodies. This one is the Commander set, and it's been waiting for a test drive all this time!

These dozen renders feature the set just as she comes, right out of the box. I didn't change a single texture of nuth'in. I set a half dozen lights and flew the camera into every nook and cranny. That's a Hubble Space Telescope picture outside the windows ... looking a lot like Hellgate, I thought!

To me, this set would have to be the Ops Room aboard the Wastrel or even the NARC-Athena. This is where you'll be seeing these fantastic backgrounds -- in the multimedia versions of the Hellgate series first and then -- who knows? We might even be able to get into the NARC universe too.

(If you're wondering what in the universe I'm dribbling on about now, I'll give you a couple of links. This one here will plug you right into the Hellgate series; and this one here will connect you with NARC. A caveat, first: these are extremely adult books, with glbt content, realistic violence, political intrigue ... drugs and sex and rock'n'roll ... the works. If you know your Mel Keegan, you know what to expect! If you don't know MK, and/but you enjoy a fantastic gay sci-fi romp, you need to find out what you've been missing -- in which case, start right here!)

Jade's verdict: six stars out of five for this fantastic set! It's designed by a 3D designer who goes by the handle of kibaretto. You can see his/her (??) whole range at DAZ (see the banner in the left-side column), and you can also see some of his/her other work test-driven and reviewed on this blog:

The Starcarrier starship hangar:


The Vanguard spacecraft:

Join me tomorrow, and I'll stage some models in the Ops room!

Jade, 29 July
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