Wednesday, July 7, 2010

3D figure in a virtual landscape ... and Sci-Fi magic!

As promised ... Michael 4 takes a virtual hike in a 3D landscape. And you can see what I mean about absolute interactivity. Nice!

And now for something completely different:

There was a sale on the other day at the DAZ store, and I couldn't believe my luck ... some of the sets I've been drooling over for eons were on 50% off. I splurged. You know the concept, "You have to spend money to save money." Or, "You have to speculate to accumulate!" This is just a tiny bit of what I was able to accumulate:

Right now, I'm starting to give Deep Thought to illustrating Mel Keegan's HELLGATE for multimedia projects. That could mean producing many hundreds of pieces of artwork -- which, admittedly, in 3D ain't the big deal it was when one had to paint. But when I saw this set ...! If you know either NARC or HELLGATE, you have to practically recognize this! You expect two figures in NARC riot armor to walk by, on their way to board a spaceplane for the next episode. Good golly, you could almost think the designer of these sets had read the books!

I'm almost guilty about signing my name to these renders -- but in fact it took me best part of an hour to figure out how to light then effectively. I have about 16 colored lights chasing two cameras around, to get this effect, so that's the part of the work I'm signing, right?! Otherwise, this set is 3D magic on a virtual stick, right out of the box!

It's the Starcarrier set ... and if I wasn't so sick that if I was a dog I'd have been shot by now, I'd be talking about it right here. But I am ... I'm absolutely exhausted ... gotta go rest ... so I'll talk about this fantastic set tomorrow!

Jade, 7 July
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