Friday, July 23, 2010

Big sale on at DAZ 3D ... we splurged.

Big, big sale on over at DAZ right now ... virtually my entire wishlist just went on sale at the same time! So okay, okay, I splurged. I saved about $75 at the same time as spending a wee bit more than that. But the stuff I got ... Very Big Grin!

Sets, props, costumes, the works. Right here, you're looking at the new character I created just yesterday, wearing the Journeyer Scout costume and sitting on the balcony of the Gadomar set. These are just two items from a long, long list of items, and I'll be playing with them all over the next couple of weeks.

The Gadomar set is by DM (dannie and Maforno), one (or is it two?) of my favorite designer. From DM comes the Lair, the Shrine, the Gate, (you usually see it as a whole courtyard on the blog here), the old Spanish mission ruins. Fantastic. And no, I don't know the designer(s) personally, this is just a real, genuine recommendation.

See the detail on the Gadomar set:

Just beautiful. That's one of my Vue skies in the background, and the Zelkova tree by Merlin. Boooooy, does this give you ideas for stories. And very soon, I'm going to start telling them. The graphic novel concept excites me. A lot.

Join me tomorrow, see some more of the new toys!

Jade, 23 July
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