Thursday, July 8, 2010

3D art ... serenity in pixels

3D art can be as dynamic as your imagination, or ... not. Just images of peace today because, frankly, I'm still sick (and "sick of being sick" too) and I've reached the point where you listen to ambient relaxation music and drink herbal tea and wonder what you did in a past life to deserve all this! I kid you not.

But I can write a bit about the artwork I posted yesterday! As I said then, those shots were done using a fantastic science fiction set that's going to become one of many backdrops for the hundreds of illustrations done for the Hellgate project. It's so perfect for the purpose, it's eerie. So what's this fantastic set?

It's called Starcarrier, and it's from the designer that I consider to be the best SF designer vending through the DAZ store (and that says a lot, believe me). The designer's name is kibaretto, and I have about half of the models he (she?) has produced. If you want to see the whole range, click here! And no, I don't know kibaretto, never traded emails with him/her. But I really admire this work.

If you decide to go shopping -- do me a favor, please! Click back to this page and reenter the DAZ store from the banner in the left-side margin. It's an affiliate link. That way, when you make a purchase, I make a couple of bucks! Thank you kindly.

The Starcarrier set is humongously huge. The hardest thing about it is lighting it, and I confess, it really, really gave me the royal runaround for about a half hour, before I got it figured out. Then I spent about another quarter hour setting numerous lights, and then ... I just drove the camera into every nook and cranny, had a great time. In kibaretto's sale the other day I also bought the Vanguard ship model, and the Commander set, which you'll see soon, and which will be providing a lot of the interiors for the big ships like the Wastrel and the Carrellan Djerun, and even the NARC-Athena.

(Damn, how much I love these books! If you don't know them, you're missing out on something fantastic. The only caveat I have to give is, they have some gay characters and the love scenes are inclined to be same-sex. SF readers take all that in their stride these days. If you're fascinated to check all this out, start here.)

Cross fingers, I'll feel better tomorrow. Hope I do, because my head is full of fantastic ideas wanting to get out. And I hate being sick.

Jade, 8 July
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