Friday, July 9, 2010

Creating water in DAZ Studio 3 ... and Michael 4 takes a vacation

Michael 4 seems to have headed out on vacation ... good for him. We should all grab the opportunity by the scruff of the neck any time it comes within grabbing distance! The castle ruins are something called Stone Bridge for Stone Road, which were on sale at DAZ yesterday. Couldn't resist. (Quick product review here: Stone Arches is a very good prop. HUGE and nicely detailed, simplicity itself to use, and you can also use it as "building bricks" to build a whole structure...) Michael 4 is wearing the M4 real Jeans, the Stylin' v-neck sweater and the shoes, or boots, from the Narqulir set. That's the GQ Event hair by Neftis. The backdrop is one of my Vue landscapes and skies, and the ground under Michael 4's feet was also made by me...

I clicked on "make a plane," and then set a grassy ground texture on it ... basically, it's a high-resolution digital snapshot of the ground! Then I set a rocky kind of displacement map and cranked it out to maximum, to make it look like weedy, slightly muddy flat ground. So the ground was made from scratch right there inside DAZ Studio 3, without importing any model...

And that's not all you can do.

Creating WATER? Check this out:

Click on this one, above, please! I uploaded it at 1000 pixels wide, so you can see the ripples and the reflections, and the bottom of the pool. That is beautiful! It's an outtake from this image:

Creating water in DAZ 3D is something I've known how to do for a long time, but never actually had the time to fiddle around with. Well, being sick for the last week gave me some fiddling time and I was able to put my educated guesses into practise and see if they worked.

They did! Creating Water in DAZ Studio 3 is not only possible, with fantastic results, it's not even difficult.

However, I will need to go through the whole thing step by step, which will make for quite a long post. So I'm going to do this tomorrow ... join me then!

Jade, 9 July
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