Saturday, July 24, 2010

3D sets, 3D props ... more new toys!

Another of the toys I splurged on the other day at DAZ ... they're having a monster sale and I just couldn't resist this! The set is the House of Mog Ruith, which is wearing the Celtic Great Hall set of textures. Standing in it are pieces of furniture from DM's Anardhouse, and other props from DM's Lair ... plus Michael 4 wearing the Lockwood costume ... and on the table is the decanter, glasses and tray server set from Baroque Grandeur. I'm pretty sure you can't really see the decanter set properly in the render above, so here's the detail from it:

And here's a few renders of the set itself, without Michael 4 ... it's really beautiful. Full marks on this one -- highly recommended, with one comment needs the texture set to look really good, and the texture set is a bear to load. You can load it okay, but it won't render properly till you figure out what's going on, or going wrong. There's a knack to it that the newbie probably won't be able to fathom. However, there's a fix, and once you've got it, the result is marvellous!

And I'm nowhere near through the box of toys I scooped up while they were on sale, so join me tomorrow to see some more!

Jade, 24 July
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