Monday, June 18, 2012

The young man and the birdbath. No, seriously!

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Now that I'm starting to think about writing, story ideas are assaulting me fro every angle ... images always make storylines pop into my head. Tell me honestly that your imagination doesn't try to spin the plot behind this picture, above! Mine sure does. 

Just one picture today ... not because it was difficult or complex, or took an eon to render ... just because I'm still hauling myself back from the 'Flu From Hell, and I have limited numbers of braincells to play with! They're rattling around in there somewhere; I just need to get a net over them and staple them back in their proper places.

The face and body morphs are by me ... a new character I like so much, I think you'll be seeing more of him.  He doesn't have a name yet, but he's probably going to get one! The skinmap is Jackson -- but the texturing on it (bump mapping) was actually sourced from JM Falcon and hand-painted here and there to get just the right effect. The lustre on the skin was done by adjusting the specular values ... and the hairy chest was painted in post, in Photoshop, using an .abr brush called Channing Body Hair, which you can get from Renderosity. It's what they call a "dynamic brush," which means that you don't have to zap on ever little hair; you zap once, and about 50 appear, all in ever-changing, random patterns. The hair on his head is the Gerry Hair, with the specularity changed and the bump mapping cranked waaaay up. 

The picture is well worth a look at large size -- I uploaded it at 1600 pixels wide, with enough JPG compression on it to get it down to 700kb. Check this out...

...and if that doesn't whet your appetite to download the full-size one, nothing will! Enjoy.

So I'm really beginning to think in terms of writing -- plots, characters, stories. I need to start jotting them down before they escape. You know how it works ... for every fantastic idea you remember in a week's time, there's nine others that race through your brain and vanish, never to be heard of again.

Jade, June 18 (winter solstice coming up at a gallop!)

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