Saturday, August 4, 2012

Big skies at dawn over Lake Alexandrina

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This time I'm indulging my other art ... photography. Dave and I took a day off last week, and spent the night on the shore of Lake Alexandrina. You wake to the sounds of herons and the waters lapping, while pelicans soar over the lagoon. There was not much of a sunset the night before, so we were really, really hoping for a spectacular dawn, and Mother Nature didn't let us down. In fact, she didn't miss a trick! 

It's the middle of winter downunder, of course. It was cold -- or what we think of as cold. Maybe one or two degrees Celsius, which would be something like 35 degrees Fahrenheit. But it was well, well worth the chilly fingers and toes, as you can see from these pictures!

In fact, there are many more, and I'll share some with you very soon. Last winter, I did a post called "The Colors of Winter, Aussie style," and I think I'll do something similar for Winter 2012. (Good gods, was that really a year ago? It was! I just looked at the post, and it was uploaded August 1, 2011. Where did the last year go? I want it back!)

One of the things that impresses itself on me the most, when we get out of town, and particularly when you get out of the hills too, and into the flatlands, is ... the size of the sky. It's, um, well, it's big, and every time you look at it, it's different. There's a movie called Local Hero -- I wonder if you know it? It's set in Scotland, and filmed on the west coast, looking out towards the Hebrides. One or two of these shots make me think of that movie. 

These images are uploaded at 1600 pixels wide (one or two are a little smaller, due to being cropped to get rid of unwanted elements), and they're well worth a look at the larger size. As I've said elsewhere, there's a place where art blurs into photography, and photography blurs into art ... and this is definitely it.

Back soon with more of Abraxas! I'd be uploading a chapter of Abraxas today, complete with an image of Leon that's still buzzing around in my brain, my imagination ... but wouldn't you know it? I came down with gastro the same morning I took these dawn images. That was Thursday; this is Saturday, and I still feel weak and wobbly. So I haven't managed to get the art rendered and finished, and I haven't been able to track down enough viable, functional brain cells to actually write the chapter. Give me a day or two. The art that's knocking on the doors of my imagination, wanting to get out, is becoming very insistent. It's going to happen tomorrow -- I can "feel it in the tips of the fingers," they want to apply themselves to the other computer, the big desktop where the art happens!

Jade, August 4

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