Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Sea Witch ... pure digital painting this time

Lately I've been painting more and more -- digitally of course -- rather than "just" rendering subjects in 3D, and I'm really happy with the results I'm getting. You notice at once, this painting is carrying the signature "Jen Downes," rather than "Jade." Yep,  I'm switching over to my own name for the new generation of work -- the paintings -- because this current opus is illustrating a novel ...

The novel is finished, but be patient: it's the first part of a trilogy, and the whole thing is going to Amazon, B&N and so forth, later in the year. You'll be able to read the first book free and gratis, and I'll let you know more as we get closer to the date. Will even upload a couple of chapters here to when your appetite for the free ebook! (You want the full thing -- I'll give you a window in which readers of this blog will be able to get it at about a third the usual price ... it'll work out at about $1 per book, and these are serious books. My pleasure, guys!)

Right now, I can tell you the trilogy is entitled THE SEA WITCH, and the first book is A WITCH OF SEVEN WINDS. Yes, it's fantasy ... no, it's has no glbt, m/m or yaoi content. This is a mainstream fantasy -- a huge adventure with sailing ships, handsome heroes, magic, ocean storms, romance ... and that's only Part One!

Look out for more art in this opus as we go along. This is my main project at this time, and I'm having a lot of fun with it --

And I must say, I am LOVING the digital painting, as distinct from the product of 3D rendering. Not that I don't love 3D art too ... I do! But my hardware and software are now so incredibly obsolete, I can't produce anything vaguely competitive in that field, whereas in digital painting ... hey, I'm not half bad at this!

The character you see here is the wind witch, Sophia Dorne. Next up: Captain Jacques Adair of the 'Fliegander' merchantman Dragonwind. Soon as I can get the design work sorted!
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