Thursday, November 15, 2018

Using every technique I know!

Please do click on this to see it at full size -- it's actually not bad at all! The only thing bugging me is that this new laptop I'm using has such cool, cool colors that the richness seems to drop out as soon as I upload the file. Now, if I color-saturate it to make it look richer on this screen ... what happens for viewers who have screens that do show color properly?

If anyone would like to give me some feedback, you can still find me here ... and tell me what this looks like on YOUR system. Is it close to colorless? After my old laptop died a while ago, I switched to a new HP, and the only thing I have to complain about on it is ... the display is just meh.

Anyway, that's by the by: your system is probably showing the image the way I see it on the desktop on which it was created. Every trick I know is rolled into this project, from surfaces and displacement maps to depth of field, lighting ... two-stage composite background, then loads of of over-painting in Photoshop. I like this character a lot. Also having fun playing with the old, old software. Everyone else is rendering in Lux and running with the Genesis 8 figures. Well, one day I'll catch up! 

And to round it off for today -- a painting. Magnolia Flowers:

This one was painted from scratch, from a sketch. The photo from which it was developed has a confused background with cars and people, which actually spoils the image. You'll need to see the painting at full size to appreciate it. 😎

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