Sunday, June 2, 2019

More "strange allies," the sun sets in Terragen, and ... waiting some more

The "strange allies" concept I've been pursuing for the last couple of days is so appealing, I couldn't resist this! I thought, "What if the two images -- the angel with the little demon, and the fantasy hero archetype withthe troll (or whatever he is), were images from the same story. So it stands to reason that the The Big Green Guy and the little demon would be pals. The works deliciously!

And, playing in Terragen...

This sky is a beaut, which made me wonder what it'd be like at sundown. So I took the camera right a little way, and up a bit, panned left and tilted down ...

...then dropped the sun close to the horizon behind that same cloudscape. Whoo! Gotta admit, I am loving Terragen! Next things is working with trees and plants. In fact, I have the Xfrog store bookmarked, and here's why:

This, above, is a catalog sample image featuring their Autumn Library. Now, the library pack costs US$100, which is about A$150 right now, so it is not cheap, but ... but ... you have to salivate! Terragen is sooo rewarding to work with. At least let me get just a few trees and see what can be done, right? (Although, I think you actually have to pay the hundred bucks and get a library, because one plant is about fifty bucks, and for the hundred you get twenty, which works out at five bucks each. How odd.) Anyway, Terragen also imports OBJ files, and I do have some quite nice OBJ plants and trees (which you've seen many times in DAZ and Bryce pictures). Must see what Terragen can do with them!

There was supposed to be another major image today: the angel and the fantasy archetype (duh ... the last pairing of the Strange Allies group), but I blew off way over two hours trying to get an FTP client configured. Ended up on tech support with the domain wrangler for an hour to get it straightened out. But it's working now ... I just lost a lot of time, so the last in this set of images is going to have to wait for a day or two. It won't be tomorrow: it's my day out! Yay.

And I am still waiting for any word back from Tech Support at DAZ. Yes, I know, they work nine to five, Mon to Fri ... but it's also as if you can only have one round of contact with the Help Desk per turnaround, which means you get 2-3 lines of dialog with your support person per week. It's going to take a looong time to get this sorted, which is why I've just gone back to good old Studio 3, which may not have the bells and whistles, but it never skips a beat. Does as it's told first time, every time.

Anyway, we'll see what next week will bring!
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