Friday, May 15, 2020

Halfway to that new computer, and counting down...

Yes I know -- these are re-posts of art done six and seven months ago! You don't have to tell me about the time that's going by ... in fact, we're halfway to the new computer that will mean I can get everything installed and working perfectly (theoretically, at least. I realize there will be issues -- there always are). The last few "touching base" posts have involved photos, but I wanted to post art today, since this is an art blog, after all. I literally cannot squeeze art out of the of the old desktop without risking its life, so the only option is ... re-post some of the nicest stuff I did in 2019, when I picked up the threads and ran with them.

In case you're wondering ... well, my brain is full of ideas. I can SEE the images I want to render; but there is no way I can create them. Not with the existing video card. On the plus side, we're in mid-May now and cruising down the other side of the year to Christmas.

What am I doing with my time, since I can't do art? A lot of blogging (I have three blogs; this one, plus travel and personal, and am considering doing a photo blog). But mostly, I'm writing. A second novel is already done, a third is in the works and half done at this time. Four of my short stories have been published in the SF and Fantasy press in the last year or two, and one is being reprinted. Next year, when the pandemic is done (please gods, it will be done), I'll be on the trail of literary agency representation; and if the books are as promising as I think they are ... well, now.

At the moment, though, art-wise, we're just marking time. Best I can do is keep the images in mind and then slide back into art with a computer that can do the work easily, and do it well.

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