Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Male nudes: gladiator and tattooed pirate

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Male nude with tattoos. Male nude gladiator. Not quite completely explicit -- but if you happen to want that version, then by all means consider yourself warned and click here to go over to the Exotic blog and check out the, uh details. (Basically, he lost the gee-string and the wind blew ... he thought it was a bit drafty down there, but hey, he had more important things to worry about; like the great hairy monster he's about to fight...)

Am still running every experiment I can think of with all the skin maps I possess, to see what I can get out of them, and it's surprising how far you can get if you set a lot of lights and take a loooong time rendering. However, I'm hanging on for the "bridge" between DAZ studio 4 and the Lux render engine. Not that I have any intention of mucking about with Studio 4, you understand! But it will open a Studio 3 file, as I discovered when I spent a whole two hours exploring the interface ... and it will bridge to the external render engine, as soon as the programmer/designer has finished writing the new plugin software. (There was a bridge between Studio 3 and Lux, but it needed a 64 bit system to run it. I got the new, powerful system about three months after Studio 4 came out, and whaddaya know ... Studio 3 vanished off the face of the Internet, and the bridge to Lux went with it! So ... patience.)

While I'm here -- update on More Than Human: the book is launching right now, with the epub and pdf versions available off our own pages (if you have a Nook or Android, it's the epub you want), and it'll be available on Kindle in about another 8 hours -- probably by the time you read this. But at that link right there, you can get the blurb and read the first two chapters, and get a feel for the book. Enjoy!

Must go now: dinner is being served, and Avatar is about to play. The director's cut. Don't want to miss this!

Jade, April 3

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