Sunday, May 20, 2012

SF heroes, and -- posting to the other blog today

[cropped at the interesting part: posted full-size to t'other blog]

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Sorry to disappear on you for a week. The last few days, health has been an issue. Some kind of sinus infection -- it started out as major sneezing and a headache, which I was slow to realize were symptoms of the same thing till the full-on "lergie" hit me broadside, Friday. Anyway, as Sam said, I'm back!

Here's a couple of things I've been tinkering with, off and on, in the background -- Richard Vaurien and Neil Travers, from Hellgate. Lately, Richard is fascinating me more and more, and Hellgate is very much on my mind, with the sixth -- final -- novel of the series coming along soon. Event Horizon. Indulge yourself in a shiver when you think about it. I surely do!

Have been enjoying myself playing with effects --

--like that. Reflections in lenses. Many, many projects are simmering in the background, and if my health was 100%, I'd be going a lot faster, but ... grrr. Thanks for bearing with me.

And as the post title suggests, I'm posting to the Exotic blog today. As requested, I went back into the Hyborian Age Calendar Boy piece and rendered it as a full-on male nude. With all due arm waving and flashing purple lights about the results NOT being even vaguely worksafe, here is your link. Enjoy! 

I did re-render the original in Lux of the Hyborian, and the results are amazing ... but the image also needed a LOT of painting, and I'm about 85% of the way through. There was just a heck of a lot to do on it, and I've been waaaay under the weather for the last few days. I'll get it finished very soon.

Also picked up the latest issue of ImagineFX ... and whaddaya think's on the CD-Rom taped in the back of the magazine? Pirate costumes, pistols, and what they describe as a highly detailed model of HMS Victory. Aha. Well now, this will be explored in some detail, very soon!

While posting to the other blog, I chanced upon the blog stats. The most often-loaded post over on the Exotic blog? It's been loaded well over 6,000 times. And it ain't for the text! I don't write much over there. It's all about art that's not merely sensual, but "adult," if you know what I mean. Nudge, wink and whatnot. That's pretty fantastic -- six thousand views of the one post!

Anyway -- please enjoy these pieces, and ... I'll be back soon with some projects that have been buzzing around in my mind while I've been hovering within reach of the tissues and teapot.

Jade, May 21
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