Tuesday, July 10, 2012

At last -- my gallery! 600+ of the best images

At last -- at last! -- my Gallery is done and online, and as the post title indicates, there are over 600 images in a dozen categories. What else can you say about it? Hope you enjoy visiting ... here's the url:

I'll be updating the site now and then with new work, and as I start to write I'll also be posting some readings there. Right now, I'm seriously thinking about a novel -- not Abraxas, Not instead of Abraxas, but as well as. In fact, what I might do is write Abraxas in segments and upload it to my main site, and then we'll see how we go with tackling something like a Very Major Novel. The idea I have right now is huge -- I mean, it's going to make for an enormous book. I want to start out with something a leeetle bit smaller before I launch into a project that'll take a long time to complete just because of the size of the beast. so Abraxas will definitely come along first.

Right now, I'm starting to watch out for the first segment of Event Horizon -- the sixth and final Hellgate novel. If you're thinking it's overdue, you're right! But I can tell you three things right here. One: Mel Keegan is having problems of the RL variety. Life is being a bitch for him, and he's coping at the expense of putting certain items on the back burner. Alas, writing is one of those things. Load him up with one more thing right now, and -- well, you know the old saying about the last straw breaking the camel's back? Not that Mel looks like a camel, but you get the gist of this. Two: Event Horizon is enormous, and it'll be done in segments, just as Flashpoint was done. Flashpoint wound up at 251,000 words, which is four or even five times longer than an average novel in today's parlance. So ... patience, folks.You'll be getting incredible value for money when you pay the usual ten bucks for this! And, Three: Event Horizon is going to be way more than worth the wait. I've seen the outline -- about 12pp of highly detailed notes, as per Mel's usual game strategy. In a word: wow. So I'm watching out for the first segment of Event Horizon; the book will be processed through in chunks, like Flashpoint, and when the last segment is done, she'll be ready to "go." When? As soon as is humanly possible. Beyond that, I can't say ... it depends how Real Life treats Mel! I'm not going to nag about it; I'm just going to look forward to it...

Incidentally, here are some quick links to the NARC and Hellgate pages on my Gallery site:



Jade, July 10

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