Thursday, January 31, 2019

A fantasy, a warrior, a castle, and dawn rising on some pretty good mountains

It's eons since I did anything with horses, so ...! Call this one "Hold the Gate," or some such. "The City is Burning," that kind of fantasy scenario. You might even recognize the model: the Hyborian Age Calendar Boy, who's appeared a a couple of times, albeit not for years.

Lots of drama going on here, and one wonders if it has anything to do this this, below, which was actually the first picture I did today:

Bryce 7 Pro, obviously: the fantasy castle here is actually a lot less interesting than the landscape itself, with the sun touching the slopes. So I took out the castle, shifted the camera and changed the aspect ratio: really do need to see this one, specifically, at full size, 1800 pixels wide (it was rendered at 2000, slightly resized for upload. Hmm. Is Bryce 7 Pro finally starting to make sense to me? I dunno,  but for the first time in weeks -- and just as I was about to give it up as a lost cause! -- I finally got a couple of pictures that are worth the pixels it takes to display them!

More tomorrow. I want to go back to the vampire and work on that face, and the hair, too.
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