Tuesday, January 15, 2019

CG characters and landscapes ... in a heatwave.

The hottest city on planet Earth. Think about it. What can you do in this kind of heat? I mean, aside from reading a book and getting s headache! But I did manage to get some art done. Above: call him Elric, or Aelric: "Angel with a Sword," an avenger, and far from human. Face and body designed by me, obviously ... all the bells and whistles, no tricks left unpulled. I like the character -- we'll come back to him.

And there's more:

Bryce landscapes. Back to Bryce for the first time in soooo long! It's high time I taught myself how to really, really drive Bryce 7 Pro. So, let's start here. I sorta kinda remember about half of it, but I have to admit that a lot of it always baffled me, and then I've forgotten a lot more! So when it came to doing this one:

...yes, I know, a lot of people would have done it in Bryce, but I couldn't get my head to go there. It's TOO HOT. So I ran right back to DAZ Studio 3 and did it there instead. Had it done in a tenth of the time of even  trying to do it in Bryce, but I'm promising myself that I will master Bryce!

 Must log out now. It's just so hot, I'm melting. So are the computers. So ... like the man said in the movie, I'll be back!

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