Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Just playing in Iray -- a new set and costume

Playing in Iray again. Bought a new set, and a new pair of jeans for G8 ... slowly starting to put together a bit of variety. I need a really good jacket, and I would love to get some fantasy costumes, but there's not much to choose from for G8. (Yet?) At least, not at the DAZ marketplace; and I spent some time searching Renderosity for G8 Male fantasy ... not much anywhere. It's weird, but all the really good costumes go back years! I guess I need to buy some G2 stuff, on sale, and see how it fits. Sometimes it seems to work, but not every time, so ... experiments! Anyway --

Quite happy with the lights, depth of field, what have you, on this. It's mostly lit with IBL lighting ... am using my own images at this time, and having pretty good results with them. This one, below, is another image "lit with an image" -- one of my own -- and it has just one other light added, to make it interesting, as if the hangar door is standing open to the morning sun:

That's actually pretty good, and well worth having a look at, at large size. Of course, being an old model, I can't save the scene in Studio 4.11, but it's easy enough to reload it, and I didn't use shaders on this, so I can get it back quickly.

Was going to mess about with Iray shaders on it, but the fact is, you'd lose all the surface detailing. No matter how great a shader renders, it actually isn't a substitute for a high-rez purpose-designed diffuse map. Must come back to this soon, maybe play with a shader on the glass. I would love to figure out how to combine, mix, or blend shader ... am fairly sure there's a way to do it (I know how to do it in Bryce 7 Pro, LOL), but I'm not there yet!
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