Sunday, August 7, 2011

CG comic art concepts ... oooooh, now that's interesting!

Long time, no post here ... sorry! Work didn't just go ballistic, it went mega-supernova, and that, on a weekend! It's going to be 2-3 days before I have time to even think about art for me, and posting here for the pleasure of posting here, but --

I do want to get these pieces posted. You see, I had an idea for a graphic novel ... as usual, I had a flash of a story concept, I saw a blaze of artwork, graphics, characterization. Not that I'm likely to have time to do the art, write/illustrate the graphic novel, y'understand! So I did some concept art featuring the character who popped into my mind, and I'd hoped to have the opportunity, today, to tell you the framework of the story...

Alas, that part of it will have to wait till next time! Actually, it's quite a good story, so join me tomorrow (or maybe the next day), and I'll, uh, tell you a story!

Jade, 7 August
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