Monday, August 1, 2011

The colors of winter ... Aussie style

It's photography today, guys ... but hey, there's a line where photography becomes an art form, and what's more 3D than the real world?! Seriously, I'm snowed under with work, and if I want to touch base here today (which I do) it has to be photography. Hey, I was a working photographer for eons before I got into the CG art -- ten years ago, I'd have said this was my art form!

All the shots in today's post were captured on a two-hour ramble in Belair National Park, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world. They date from the middle of winter -- looks are deceiving! The stark-nekkid deciduous trees tell the truth of the time ... but at the same time berries are ripe, everything is flowering, birds are nesting. It was a glorious day (and yes, before anyone says anything, I know -- we're spoiled rotten here, climate-wise. Some of us are also smart enough to know it).

So here, have some more -- incidentally, they're uploaded at 1000 pixels wide, and some are so cute, like the candy-pink parrot nesting in the dead tree, and the young koala...

With a bit of luck I'll be back tomorrow with ART ... also I was just asked to go back to the Poseidon Rising project from yesterday and explain at greater length how you get those effects. So what I think I'll do is this: start a similar project, but instead of ripping through it and not even keeping the "underlayers," I'll save each stage and show you what's involved in making it go. Cross fingers, and I might be able to do this tomorrow. If not, the next day...!

Jade 1 August
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